Why Schools and Agents use Homestay Connection

Why use Homestay Connection?

Save time and money by using our company as your Homestay Backoffice. We will provide you the confort of knowing that you have a group of homestay coordinators working for you and that you will have all the necessary on-line information to support your busines without loosing focus on your core business.

  • Up to date homestay database with thousands of on-line Host Family Profiles 
  • Homestay Coordinator specifically looking after your account
  • First Class Airport Pickup Service
  • On-line up to date billing and placement information 

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How does it work?

Register your students online and leave the rest to us. Our Homestay Coordinators will match your student request with a compatible host family. Use your own site portal to view the status of every student, check out the host family profile and invoices.

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How to use this site?

    • Step 1 - Contact Homestay Connection to request your account. Click here
    • Step 2 - Use our Online Request Form for your Placements and Airport Transfers request.
    • Step 3 - An email confirmation will be sent to your for every new request placed in our website
    • Step 4 - Homestay Connection Team will start working on your placements immediatelly and will update your Placement Status Report with the link to the On-line homestay profiles assigned to each one of your requests.  
    • Step 5 - A Biilling Report will be available to you containing all the costs for all your requests as well as all payment information already made by you.

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How much?

Please check our Price List Page for more detailed information.

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