Be a Host

Be a Host Today An Amazing Experience....

Hi. I’m Diane, Co-Founder of Homestay Connection, and I can tell you firsthand that hosting students was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I will help you go through the process of understanding what being a host family is about and how to become one.

Among many other things, hosting international students can be a very rewarding experience both culturally and financially. You will also make very good friends for life. For instance, I am still in touch with most of the student I have hosted till today.

Before you start your registration, we encourage you to take a look at our Homestay Guidelines, to understand how the program works. By being a host family, you will have the opportunity to make new friends, explore new cultures and customs, and add multiculturalism to your home.


Exciting right? So, let’s get started?


If you still have questions or need further assistance, contact us..