Why Host Families use Homestay Connection

Why use Homestay Connection?

  • Instantly show availability times of your room/s throughout the year.
  • No hassles reporting schedules to a homestay program; control your schedules autonomously.
  • Keep your room booked constantly throughout the year with little effort.
  • Your homestay details will be viewed by millions of users from all around the world.
  • Upload to our site your complete home and family details, images and messages, giving you the best opportunity to present your family and home.
  • No computer knowledge necessary - our database has been constructed to make your effort minimal.
  • Find out about guests who are searching for a homestay in your area, then let them know about your homestay before they make a choice.

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How does it work?

Upload your information and make sure it is always kept up to date. Your homestay details will be accessible to millions of users from all around the world, except your personal information such as your address details.

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New user - how to use this site?

    • Step 1 - Register - If you don't register you cannot upload your details.
    • Step 2 - Login using the username and password you registered with. This will be confirmed in an email sent to you after registration.
    • Step 3 - Click the "My Profile" link on the main left menu of the homepage (only viewable after you have logged in). Start editing your information and save it when you are done.
    • Step 4 - Once our Homestay Coordinator has checked your information to be sure there is no unsuitable content, an email will be sent to you confirming approval and telling you how you, and others, can view your homestay details page; by using the "Search" buttons.

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How much?

- A $75 annual fee will be charged only from the payment for the first student placed with you by Homestay Connection .

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Uploading images

- After creating your profile, click My Photos on this page and you will have an option to upload 4 photos into your profile.

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Homestay Profile

When people are deciding where to go on holiday, they want as much information as possible about the accommodation, amenities and places of interest in the area that they will be visiting. With a complete Homestay profile you are able to give prospective Homestay guests all the information they could possibly need. Follow the tips below to create an attractive profile.

  • Good, clear photographs play an important part in attracting the reader’s attention and encouraging them to book. When creating the details of your property, attach photos wherever possible. Remember, guests are thinking of living in your home for a fixed period of time. They really want to see what it is like before they make a booking.
  • When creating your family details, you have the option to post a sample message to guests. Adding a photo of yourself and/or your family gives a more personal feel to your profile. Take advantage of this feature. Mention things about your family, interests and explain what you can offer guests in the form of sightseeing, activities, food, etc.
  • Another area of the site where you can really “sell” your homestay to prospective guests is the Interesting Places section. Visitors may want to stay with people with similar interests. If the people in your household have a wide range of diverse interests. Shopping is obviously popular with the women and sport with the men, but also try and include historical buildings, spectacular scenery and places for relaxation. If you take full advantage of this section you can show that there are many different ways for people to enjoy their stay with you.

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